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I have had a couple of weeks to enjoy my Unisaw and this weekend was the first I really was able to use it extensively.  It runs so smooth and quiet I can actually hear my music in my earbuds without having to wear ear protection.  The Unisaw is very accurate.  I did very little tuning but the Biesemeyer fence was quite a feat in itself.  So far I have cut 2×6’s, 8/4 oak, 4/4 quarter sawn oak, miters and even some tenons.  It preformed beautifully without the slightest hint of any bogging.  5hp was probably more than I needed but I didn’t really have a choice.  So overall it is more saw than I will probably ever need and I am glad I got it.

Currently I am working on Christmas presents for my girls.  I am making a couple of Jewelry hangers to hang necklaces and rings.  I am also making  2 memory frames.  The frames are going to be made from re-purposed panels that I stored for about 10 years made from quartersawn oak.  It will have chicken wire for a backing with little tiny clothespins to hang pictures, notes and other stuff; I will post pictures when I am complete.  I am also building a low budget work bench at the same time.  It is constructed from SYP from the big box store.  I will put a leg vise and tail vise on it like a split top Roubo bench.  I am making the leg vise using a scaffolding jack screw and the tail vise from a Veritas / Highland woodworking bench screw from an old bench I gave away several years ago after I removed the hardware.  I actually placed it at the end of my driveway and it was taken within a couple of hours.  My current bench which I am not using is one of those metal benches from Sam’s club with the wooden top. I considered modifying that bench with a new top and such but it stands to high for me and would require metal working skills I currently do not have to shorten it.

When the bench is complete I will probably make a Paulk inspired assembly-outfeed table.  I really need an assembly table especially considering I will be making bedroom furniture over the winter and spring for my wife and the girls.  This will be a huge undertaking and challenge especially with the large amounts of lumber I will need to mill with my small 6″ joiner and 15 year old lunch box planer.  Though I have plans in the future to acquire 12″ joiner and 15 inch planer it will not be in time for these projects. I am going to create another sections of this blog site for builds and a gallery.  I want to start a YouTube Channel but I really do not know much about video editing or filming.  I have a Nikon D5300 which takes fairly decent motion pictures but need to figure out the editing part.

If there are any woodworkers in the western Kentucky area drop me a message.  I would like to meet other Kentucky woodworkers or even some north western Tennessee woodworkers I am always looking for like minded people that I can share information with and learn new things.


It’s been over a year since I have posted anything.  Life kind of gets in the way; work, family and projects keep most of my time occupied.  I have decided to take things more seriously with my blog / webpage.  Since my last post I have built several projects, taken several business trips and mowed the lawn more times than I care to.  I have also aged another year.  I love working with my hands building things and solving problems.  I want to share my experience in the shop and handyman type of work.  I want to showcase my mistakes and triumphs so others may learn from them.

There are hundreds if not thousands of YouTube channels dedicated to the fine art of woodworking and DIY.  I am going to throw myself into this.  These are not just channels but a community of like minded people, many of which collaborate and fellowship.  Some have huge subscription bases and make a living from their channels, patrons, web storefronts and commissions.  I appreciate the woodworking videographer, vloggers and webmasters out there because they all provide knowledge and experiences that have assisted me in my growth as a woodworker and a DIYer.  I have also been inspired and motivated to move forward in my venture of sharing.

Over the next 3 to 5 years I hope to have a shop built separate from my house; learn some new skills such as welding, electrician, plumbing and automotive mechanics.  Retire a second time and work for myself.  This plan sounds ambitious and it is, but I may only have 20 to 30 more years, maybe more, in this body and I want to have more time for my wife, children and myself.  I won’t work full-time but pick up jobs and commissions that I am interested in and to do enough business to pay for and enjoy travel and adventure with my family.

I hope to post 2 to 3 times a week on this page.  I have some builds coming up and shop updates.  Until then thanks.