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I have been comptemplating  for several months over a new table saw.  I have had a Craftsman Contractor Saw for 20 years and it has served me well.  When I was building a new exterior entrance door for my father-in-law the old craftsman just wasn’t up to ripping 8/4 White Oak.  This of course is not the first time I have experienced this problem over the last 20 years and every time I tell myself I am going to upgrade. Well, I finally did.

I researched, read countless articles, watched numerous videos and parused hundreds of pages of woodworking forums and came to the conclusion that most cabinet saws perform pretty much the same.  They have differences in features but for the most part they all seem to have the same quality of build, performance and reputation.  I thought I was going to go the SawStop route but I really liked the Powermatic P2000 with the rout-r-lift built in the extension table which would give me a permanent solution to a router table and save space at the same time.  I decided on the Delta 36-352 in the end .  I went with the Delta because I like the trunion wheels in the front.  I couldn’t find anyone who didn’t like their Delta and it is made in the USA.

I did not get the Delta 36-352 instead I bought the 36-552 and I got it on an extreme discount and this is how it happened.  I have been talking about a new table saw at work for weeks if not months and told the guys at work I decided on the Delta and was getting ready to pull the trigger.  I came to work on a Monday and one of the guys told me that a store called Bargain Hunt which is next door to a Harbor Freight, had a Delta Table saw on discount.  He showed me pictures and when I saw the model was a 36-L552 and the low price my adrenaline spiked and all the things that go with the spike occurred.  The price tag was $1649 which is over a $1000 off the retail price.

One of the reasons I haven’t pulled the trigger on a new saw is money.  Though I have been putting money away for a $3000 saw, after taxes, this golden opportunity was just too good to pass up.  On Thursday I finally made the decision to get that saw.  The store did not open until 10:00 and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about the saw.  A Co-Worker next to me told me I should check to see if they offer a military discount or check and see if they are offering a Veteran’s Day Discount.  So I went online and sure enough found a 25% off coupon for Friday-Sunday Veteran’s Day weekend.  The only problem with the coupon, it wasn’t good until Friday.  I live about 35 Miles from the store and did not want to drive 70 miles round trip on my day off so called and asked the store manager if they would honor the coupon a day early.  It took about 10 minutes to get an answer.  While I was on hold I was planning my trip to Bargain Hunt for Veteran’s day.  When the Manager came on the phone and said they would honor the coupon I hung up grabbed my coat and left for Bargain Hunt on an early lunch.

When I got there the saw had a sold sign posted in anticipation of my sale.  To bring this story to a close; the saw was retail everywhere for $2749 it was on sale for $1649 and with 25% off and taxes I paid $1354 that is 51% off retail price!  I knew I had to buy this saw; everything lined up perfectly.  I decided on getting a Delta 36-L352 and made that known to others.  Then I was presented with a grand opportunity by a coworker who just so happened walked into Bargain Hunt that same weekend and remembered my saw conversations.  Then I was granted a 25% discount 1 day early.  God was looking out for me.  He knew I was going to buy a saw and lined it all up for me even though I do not deserve it.  This will probably be the last Table I will ever need.  I had the Craftsman for about 20 years and I am sure this saw will take me well past 20 years.  Hopefully I will still be healthy, active, strong and still have my wits to fully exploit this gift to its fullest.