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I have been working on a platform bed for the past month.  I bought the plans from which is owned by Allan Little #askwoodman.  I liked the design and to be quite honest I just didn’t want to sketch anything up.  I only get to spend quality time in the shop on the weekends so I wanted something ready to go.  My wife liked the design which is a plus.   I learned some new things during this build and have made some changes in the plan in relation to the connections.

The plans called for the use of T-nuts to attach foot board and head board.  I did not want holes that needed plugging to cover the T-nuts so I opted for threaded holes directly in the wood.  I have seen this technique on YouTube by several channels; the #WoodWisperer to name one.  I also seen a couple of videos that demonstrated the strength of the connection and it was quite amazing.

I am starting the post after I completed the majority of the build because I just keep getting caught up in other projects, work, family and all the things that go with owning a home.   So better late than never.


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