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This weekend I started working on an 8/4 rough sawn Pine board.  It has twist and a considerable bow.  Pine is pretty soft and easy to plane but when it is 9 feet long and 12 inches wide it is quite a workout especially when I really don’t have  some essential hand planes.  I have a vintage No. 7 Stanley I bought on eBay for $85 dollars.  This thing was Rusted and did not have a very flat sole.  I spent a weekend cleaning it up and truing the sole.  I also paid close attention to the mating surfaces of the frog and the surface the frog mounted to to ensure it was flat and had solid contact.  I flattened and sharpened the blade and this plane has been a good performer.

I started to tackle this job because I want to make some stools from this board.  I am going to resaw it and get two 1 inch boards to produce the stools.  My jointer is only 6″ wide so I figured hand planing will be my angle of attack.  After about an hour of scrubbing the board with the No. 7 I started to realize this is going to take a very long time and it is not going to be very smooth so I figured I will use my planer with a sled and shims to flatten one side.  I got this Idea on the web from a wood working magazine.  It looks pretty viable so I constructed the sled.  I used two 96″x12″x3/4″ MDF and glued them together on a flat surface.  I glued a stop on the infeed end to keep the board from sliding off the sled when being planed.  I haven’t used it yet but I will post my results and hope this makes quick work of this board.  I will use the TS55 for the edges.


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